Thursday, June 14, 2007

They should have said "Free Saddam!"

"Iraq was a mistake," that's what the American left tells us. Bush's dirty war is costing American lives. What they don't offer in their lectures and sermons is what THEY would have done. They point to the sectarian violence and say that we are caught in the middle of a civil war. What's more, it's a situation that we created, they claim.

Just so I get this straight, the official position of the Democratic party is that Saddam Hussein should still be in power today? I suppose some of them will argue that (and they have) that Iraqis can't live in a democracy, that only Saddam's iron fist was capable of keeping shiites and sunnis from warring against each other. Wow, that's an unenviable arugument to be defending.

Their arguments don't surprise me, after all these are the same people who as Carlos Eire recently and eloquently stated believe that "in the third world 'human rights' means something completely different, that there it is a full plate of food," to them "It doesn’t matter what kind of restrictions they live under." There's obviously a paternalistic prejudice at work here that is probably rooted in racism. Something like, "those people can't be governed the same way we we govern ourselves." The best these 28 million Iraqis could hope for was a benevolent dictator. Like some sort of Seinfeldian character they proclaim "no democracy for you!"

Yet these are the same people who blamed the US realpolitik policies that supported dictators (particularly of the right-wing variety) to maintain stability during cold war. Batista, Somoza, Pinochet, the Shah, according to them, none of them were deserving of American support, but apparently Saddam was different. He was the key element in attaining middle east stability, or so you would think by listening to them. If that's their argument now, they should have been making it before Saddam was hanged. Then they could have made "Free Saddam!" their campaign platform last November.

The American left's hypocrisy would be funny if it wasn't deadly serious.


Fidel pro democracy said...

it is just like Al Pacino in scarface, the scene at the restaurant about the bad guy. Everybody needs a bad guy to do there dirty work so they could live in peace and point their finger. Former prime minister Brian Mulroney said once campaining that the social-democrats choices were simple, if you offer them a job, they rather be on a demostration.

Warren said...

Henry, thank you for this interview that you consented to give with my friend Beak. It was a very good interview.

He asks good questions and you gave terrific answers.

Warren said...

Sorry I placed that last comment in the wrong post.