Monday, January 26, 2009

Come one and come all and come quickly before it’s gone!

That’s right, you too should visit the world’s finest circus that is Cuba before Fidel is dead and Obama drops the embargo! Hurry. Yes, hurry! Come to the paradise of car collectors. The haven of Anti-American sentiment. The center of cigar aficionados. The tropical hub of human meat marketing, where flesh thirsty tourists can have their fill of sultry, sexy, and lets not forget savage, Cuban prostitutes.

And what about the artistically inclined?

Fear not! There is still room for you as the decrepit and poorly cared for remnants of the colonial old world stands on rotting wood and broken concrete. After all, isn’t any art best with age? Isn’t the finest of wines the oldest of wines? Does it really matter that these two analogies don’t fit, because in the end you're really visiting the most original work in the tropics: Castro communism in all its damning glory.

If that is not appeasing enough, you can visit the Cuban music halls sipping Son like some deep overproof rum. Perhaps Trova is more your thing? Maybe you like the raw and raunchy Rumba of la calle! Whatever your preference, whatever you desire, know that all art in Cuba is too created by the original artist that is Castro who inseminates the expression of the Cuban people into one collective communistic catastrophe.

And speaking of communism let’s not forget la revolucion!

On every corner. Down every street. On every entry door and living room there is the static reminder of a time long past. A reminder of a nation so thoroughly duped by grandiose lies and merciless assassinations. That’s right, these are the images of Fidel and the images of Che--the architects of what Cuba is today. These are the two men who were brave enough to seek a helping hand from the USA to stand up against the mob-encrusted Batista, only to then become the greatest cowards in history hiding behind senseless acts of violence, collective mental abuse, and giving blame to the one country that helped these bearded ones into power--America.

Come one and come all and come quickly before it’s gone. Cuba is a paradise for anyone who desires to sip exotic Anti-American and Anti-Democratic vintage at its finest.

And what of the colorful, always smiling, people on this esoteric oasis?

What does it matter to you! Take their pictures and wave your holas. Their struggle, political desensitization, and cultural asphyxiation will have no affect with your walks on the white sandy beaches and flirty sips of mojitos. Cuba was made for you! You are Cuba's true citizen. Cuban’s love tourists and you will be accommodated accordingly.

Come one and come all and come quickly before it's gone! Though Cuban oppression isn’t going to change anytime soon, your trip may lose all its far away flavor as the political environment turns with Obama now on the scene and Fidel soon to walk off.

Don’t miss out!


jorge luis said...

Cuba's Bailout!

Fidel Castro decided since 1959 to confiscate all American properties and businesses. He executed and jailed Americans and determined he didn't want us there. During the October Missile Crisis of 1962, this American hater wrote a personal letter to then Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushev, begging him to "nuke" the United States. Castro supported all anti-American efforts in Latin America: Tupamaros, Montoneros, FMLN guerrillas; and now is the political adviser of Hugo Chavez and other anti- American crusaders. This paranoic dictator wants the U.S. taxpayers to finance and rescue his failed oppressive totalitarian regime.

It is estimated that the Castro brothers will pocket 5 billion dollars, if American tourists are allowed to go there for a good brainwash. Many will go to the island to enjoy cuban cigars, cuban rum and to engage in the horrors of child prostitution (jineteras) promoted by the authorities. Others in the extreme left, will go there to reaffirm their ideological convictions and to bring back home new orientations and fresh anti- American slogans from "el Comandante". After 50 years of suffrering communism, Cubans see the United States as the "promised land" and the "American Way of Life "as the raw model for their future generations. The consequenses of this mistaken policy will destroy forever our present moral image and stature in the eyes of the oppressed people in Cuba. They certainly need freedom for their country.....but have no use for abusive tropical adventurers, communist fellow travelers or Castro siypathizers. I think it would be extremely wise if all this money, now destined for Castro, stay home to help aliviate our awful economic situation.

John R. said...

"They certainly need freedom for their country.....but have no use for abusive tropical adventurers, communist fellow travelers or Castro siypathizers. I think it would be extremely wise if all this money, now destined for Castro, stay home to help aliviate our awful economic situation."

Your words to God's ears Jorge! Perhaps the stimulus plan was intended for Castro and not the US. In the end the Cuban people SUFFER once again.

Chez Isabella said...

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danny.woodard said...

I have a friend who visted his Cuban homeland after being away since 1960. His relatives there have been impoverished as a result of Castro's regime. He called his favorite aunt and asked what he could bring her."I haven't taste peanut butter in 35 years." she said. "Bring toothbrushes for our family also."
He returned to Cuba with 60 toothbrushes, 40 pounds of clothing and 20 pounds of medical supplies.

Anonymous said...

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inquirer said...

I feel shock how Cuban American professors in America praise the economical system , government run economy ,communism , which has ruined Cuba. From many American born, sadly is expected but from people who were born and raise in Cuba and left Cuba and communist economical system to come to live in American market system , I do not have words how to describe such behavior. I also can not understand the reason why many religious people both clergy and lay , who help the poor, sympathize and consider that Communism is closer to Christianity than Capitalism. These 'good people' who abhor war, violence, etc do not feel any nausea to praise such models with humongous record in Christian persecution, genocide, torture and desecration of Christian churches.

Many years ago, when I came from Cuba, people told me, the poor, the uneducated support Communism because when people are educated they know better . Those people where half right , yes there is a lot uneducated people who fall into the arms of Communism and Anti Americanism but lamentably there are plenty of well educated people, sophisticated people, intelligent people, business people , intellectual, 'social justice' people who love admire such Evil kind of Empire . Why ?

While we should always worry for our brothers and sisters suffering under the Red yuke, we should pray hard to avoid such faith here.
Because the youth is the future ruler of our nation, America and lamentably after decades of political indoctrination, nice, caring teacher supporter of Marx and Lenin be in light or heavier version, have achieve the goal, to infiltrate into the hearts and minds of millions of kids , now young adults half truth, miss information and poison their minds making them fertile terrain for Change, Change , Change , for social justice, Fidel, Mao, Ho Chi Min style

And those of us who have not being brainwash are becoming a vanishing breed .

May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us