Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The castro Publicity Machine..

Works better than anything else fidel has created inside or outside of Cuba. The old fart went on Cuban TV last night to vehemently deny the Forbes Magazine assertions that he's one of the wealthiest world leaders. Today the flood of news alerts comes from granma, prensa latina, etc. etc. Of course many publications pick up the stories from these "news" organizations that are nothing more than fidel's personal Public Relation firm.

He challenged anyone to find proof that he is truly wealthy stating that he'll step down if anyone can produce such proof. Of course the idea that he would ever substantiate any evidence against him is ridiculous because fidel castro is and always has been a FUCKING LIAR. I don't understand why his statements are picked up by the media. There's incontrovertible evidence of the Human Rights abuses and repression in Cuba yet he still maintains that there's no dissent on the island. He's the Cuban version of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information minister that denied that the Americans we controlling Iraq while the U.S. tanks were rolling behind him.

Everybody knows that OJ Simpson committed a double homicide regardless of the outcome of the trial and that includes those people who stood up and cheered at the verdict. For whatever reason they wanted to close their eyes to the truth. And OJ can say he's innocent but it doesn't change the fact that he's guilty.

There's only one person in Cuba that can come and go as he pleases, say what he pleases, do what he pleases and that's fidel fucking castro. Everybody else is limited in what they can say or do based on his wishes. That makes him the master of the plantation and the owner of everything on that plantation. Every penny that comes into Cuba through cigar sales, tourism, remittances, etc. Ultimately ends up in his hands.

That's why it's unconscionable to remove the embargo as long as fidel is still breathing.

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