Monday, July 31, 2006

Hang on Abuelita Tina!

Olga Cristina Perez de Gomez. That's my grandmother, my father's mother, who everyone knows simply as Tina. When I was growing up she was the one person in my family that always talked about castro and the terrible things the Revolution had done to our family and to Cuba. It's not that my parents didn't care, but they were young, with a lifetime ahead of them in the U.S. and they didn't have time for nostalgia. And as for my grandfather, he died in 1978.

As my grandmother has grown older (she's 93 now), she has started losing her memory in a sure sign of Alzheimer's but she can still maintain a conversation for a few minutes without repeating herself. In recent years one of the things she frequently repeated was that she only really had one thing to live for anymore, to outlive fidel castro even if it would be by only one minute. This is what she drummed into my head. That she could rest in peace once fidel was burning in hell. Hang on Abuelita, hang on.

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Anonymous said...

god bless you and your grandmother!


Anonymous said...

Did Fico get the news today of the pig's intestines? LOL. Where's chapter 14? God Bless you and your abuelita.

Antonio said...

My firend:
Our stories are so alike. My grandparents (Olga & Delfin) (on my father's side) came to the US from Holguín after the revolution. My grandfather died in 1980. My grandmother always told me: Love the USA. Love her for what she has given us, but never forget where we come from. She always wished for a free Cuba. Always hoped she can go back home.
She passed away a couple years ago, without seeing her dream. But I will celebrate Cuba's freedom. For her, for my family, for all Cubans.
Que Díos te bendiga.

Anonymous said...

My father lost his battle to outlast Fidel and return to Cuba. I pray your abuelita can make it.

Lissette said...

We are all going through the same. My grandmother called me last night in tears. She told me, "Lissi, estas viendo las noticias? Se esta muriendo. Algo paso...mi patria...." She couldn't make complete sentences. There was just so many emotions. My grandfather died last year, August 11th, 5 days after his birthday and 5 days before mine. I hope this man dies too, so my grandfather can rest in peace knowing that his enemy has passed on and his islita has a chance.

My family's stories are up on my blog at Crafty Girly and I will be listening to Latin music all day in hopes that the end is near. Please share your stories as well. Let's all remember what our family's had to go through.

Alfredo said...

I will pray for her.

Patricio Texidor said...


I called my padrino a couple of days ago when all the news broke. He is still sharp as a tack. We had a great discussion. He brought up some wonderful points about the current situation, and reminisced about all the political upheavals in Cuba during the 30's and 40's in which he had a part. I am going to send him my post by mail because he does not own a computer. I was pleased to read about your abuelita...that she is making it just like Padrino. That older generation is really special. May your grandmother continue to live on happily and remain alert enough to recognize that freedom may come to Cuba soon.