Friday, March 02, 2007

Slowly working my way back to blogdom

Greetings to our readers! My name John, aka Songuacassal, and I am a 2nd generation Cuban-American and co-creator of this blog. Due to several personal set backs and some life changing decisions, I've been absent from this site for quite some time. However, now that things have finally "simmered" down I'm finally working my way back here to CAP. Personally, I have done much reading on Cuba, politics, religion, and sociology, and thus my posts will probably be more on these topics and less about the latest News or current events. I also have a vegetarian girlfriend, and so I may post some experimental Cuban vegetarian recipes –if such a thing is conceivable. And as always I'm a devotee of Marti and Varela and believe that these two figures must be the forge that forms and continuously re-shapes Cuba.

It'll be a slow return and as always I am open to suggestions for post topics.

El deber de un patriota que ve lo verdadero está en ayudar a sus compatriotas, sin soberbia y sin ira, a ver la verdad.
-Jose Marti (3352-02-24)


Val Prieto said...

Dude! Welcome back!

John R. said...

Thanks Val.

Gusano said...

Cuban Vegeterianism. I've been pushing that the last couple of days, myself. please to meet you.

John R. said...

hey guys it is good to be back! I feel like I've been out of the loop for quite some time, and from how my first post is fairing I apparently need to re-polish my blogging skills.

I'll post my Cuban vegetarian experiments asap.

Robert said...

Oops...signed in under the
"pseudonym" I use over at that "whiny" blog!

Welcome back Songua.

John R. said...

Robert! Good to hear from you! I'm taking it slow, but I've missed this for way too long.