Monday, April 25, 2005

Let's get it right

I think it is safe to say that the "Miami 5" are becoming more known as time goes by. According to Castro, these alleged Cuban "heroes" were trying to stop "Miami Mafia Terrorists" from invading Cuba.
However, as this becomes more popular and wide spread please do not be fooled. Not only were these people spies, but there were more than 5. As a matter of fact there were ten and probably even more.
1.Manuel Viramontes,                 AKA: Giro, Giraldo
2.Luis Medina,                             AKA: Allan, Johnny, Oso
3.René González-Sehweret,        AKA: Castor, Iselín
4.Antonio Guerrero,                     AKA: Rolando González-Díaz, Lorient
5.Rubén Campa,                          AKA: Vicky
6.Alejandro Alonso,                      AKA: Franklyn
7.Nilo Hernández,                        AKA: Manolo
8.Linda Hernández,                      AKA: Judith
9.Joseph Santos,                          AKA: Mario
10.Amarylis Silverio,                      AKA: Julia
And though Castro asserts that these 5 men were spying on the exile community, Antonio Guerrero signs an afidavit stating that he had been asked by the Cuban Government to provide information on:

"deployment of aircraft, base daily routines, descriptions of the interior and exterior of buildings, particularly one being prepared for a highly secret activity; the use of planes equipped for electronic warfare, which could be used for intelligence and tactical operations against our country; and, the home addresses of hundreds of military personnel stationed at the base."

Perhaps, Fidel means that only 5 out of the ten were only spying on the exile community? That would make sense right? However, no that is not what Fidel argues. According to Radio Habana the others (who recieved lighter sentences) were merely friends or aquantices of the "Miami 5." Of course they were friends who also happened to have alias's and who signed afidavit's testifing against their acts, and who thus recieving lighter sentences. Friends I'm sure.
Hence the question: Given that these other five had alias too, and affirmed their role as spies. Why does the Cuban govenment ignore them and focus on their "Miami 5"? Or claim them to be nothing but friends? Please remember friends with alias's who have confessed.
Thus, from ten there are now only 5 imprisioned spies... I mean "heroes" right? However, to be a hero would mean that you would have accomplished something, and they accomplished nothing. Even the pentagon asserts that they were unsuccessful in there penetration. 
Spies yes, criminals yes, prisoners yes, heroes... not really.
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