Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Credibility Factor


About a week ago, Fidelito held a rally calling upon US "credibility" in terms of Posada and the war on Terrorism. Of course they want Posada, and the US isn't so quick to hand him over.

Now, apparently, Alarcon (which rhymes with...) claimed that International Law demands that if the US keeps Posada, then he must be tried here. Alarcon even goes on to say: "Judge him and punish him with the same severity they impose on people with Arab names or who are Muslims." (Yahoo News) Alarcon should realize that in the US, you are innocent until proven guilty. So if we keep Posada judge him we will and punish if PROVEN worthy of such a crime...

Now, on US credibility. I can understand their admiration, because after all, aside from Cuba, Venezuela has just lost all credibility when Posada, "who holds Venezuelan citizenship, was twice cleared by Venezuelan courts of plotting the bombing." (Reuters/, is still being accused of by Chavito: "The president last week described Mr Posada Carriles as "a self-confessed terrorist" (BBC). Why can't the courts and Chavito just get along? If he's self-confessed, then why was he cleared?

It is their moranic sense of government and justice, that really gives them a loss of credibility.

And since they already have agreed that the US has credibility, then maybe they should just shut-up.

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