Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Blame Game.

The America bashers love to blame the good old USA for Cuba's woes. "Lower the embargo," they say, "and Castro will fall". Flood Cuba with goods and services they say. We've heard the arguments a million times (from both sides). But let's look at one particular aspect of this debate a little closer. Canada and Spain both trade with Castro's Cuba. What have THEY done to help stimulate democracy? Have they required certain reforms. No they have not. We're supposed to be the capitalist cowboys, caring about nothing except the mighty dollar. But let's see who's making money off of whom? Canadian and Spanish businessmen make money off of the Cuban people's misery. Castro makes money off of the businessmen. The United States is the ONLY country to make a principled stand against Castro. Believe me it would be much easier to just go with the flow and do business with the tyrant. But Castro's friends don't want you to use logic. They only deal in slogans.

Like "war for oil," the biggest lie perpetuated in the last 20 years. Iraq had/has oil. The US has dollars. If we wanted oil, we would have simply ignored the sanctions, like so many of our "allies" and bought all we wanted. Instead we took a gamble on the dream of peaceful democracy in the middle east. A war that certainly is costing us billions in national treasure. Believe me we could have easily snuggled up to the tyrant of Saddam Hussein and secured contracts for Halliburton much easier and cheaper.

Nothing the US does will ever satisfy those who are predisposed to hating us. So it's time to stop caring about what others think and time to keep doing what is morally right and correct. The hoteliers of Spain that make their money off of Cuban blood sweat and tears will have to account someday for their complicity in the repression that exists in Cuba today. Had these companies stayed away from Cuba for a few years, the demise of the Castro regime would have been certain in the mid 90s. Instead they've thrown Fidel Castro a life preserver and for that they cannot be forgiven.

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