Saturday, June 11, 2005


YUP! After my embarrasing defeat a week ago in Cubilete (Me quede bailando la pollona), I have to say that I came back this time encendido!

And so I thought this would be a good time to explain the more nuanced rules that I promised in that previous post (If you missed my previous post please check it or visit: Three guys from miami, for the basics.)

Okay here are some extra rules and facts:

Another name for Cubilete is Coroto. This name is especially true para mi gente del Oriente.

The person who starts the round is said to "tirar pata."

If nobody roles a five of a kind then the highest role wins one point: (4 K's beat 4 Q's, J's, Gallegos, Negros; 4 Q's beat 3 K's, Q's, J's and so on.)

Only si tiras pata, and your first or second role is good, like a four of a kind, then you can stop there. And have everybody's throw limited to one or two instead of the full three.

Finally, if you call "por abajo" right before your throw, then the side that is on the bottom is what counts. So if you call "por abajo" and throw three Negros, then they count as three A's (As is under the negro side). This is tricky because you can seriously screw yourself with this.

If your looking for a cup and some pokerdice, you can find it here: Cuban Food Market

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