Saturday, June 04, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I'm here in Miami visitando familia for the weekend, before I'm off to BFE on a Business conference for the week. QUEEEE RRRRIIIIIIICO ES MIAMI. The first thing I did when I got here was drink a Guarapo. And before I leave this Sunday, I'll probably take down two or three mojitos.

Bueno, since I don't have a laptop, blogging is going to be really slow this week guys. Also, with what happened to my Computer a few days ago, and that I'm still new to this, I am now compelled to do so much more in all sorts of crazy directions. So I might actually use this week away from my PC just to get some focus. If you would like anything in particular from this blog, please feel to post a comment and let me know!

One thing that I'm pretty committed about is the need for the exposure and promotion of Cuban/Anti-Fidelito sites and organizations. So I strongly suggest looking over the links I've listed, contact the people, make connections, and pass it on. As Abe Lincoln said: "a house divided cannot stand". Only united can we really stand against Fidelito. If you want me to add any new links go ahead and email me!

The latest contribution to my Cuban Links comes from Val and it is excellent:

United States-Cuba Relations Read this site first.

Finally, many of you emailed me with words of encouragement and advise; Gracias por tu apoyo y que Dios te bendiga. I will make it a point to email each one of you back by the end of this week.

Don't forget to post suggestions, this blog is after all for you too.

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