Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sun, Surf, and Cell Block 3

There are many who feel that tourism to Cuba is a good thing. Well, unless your Canadian Onlia Ross who found herself JAILED and tortured for 5 days because of a date error on her passport. Yup... she went with no water, or Daquiri's, for that matter. Oh and the VULGAR treatment they gave her! And despite it all, the only thing you hear about Cuba in the news is how we should put an end to Guantanamo Bay. PEOPLE, WHAT HAPPENED TO ONELIA IS ONLY FUTHER PROOF AS TO WHY WE SHOULD PUT AN END FIDELITO AND HIS OPPRESSION.

I could go into more detail as to what happened to "Nely", but between Robert, from 26th parallel and Val from Babalu, they pretty much say it all.

Here are their links:

26th Parallel


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