Sunday, July 24, 2005

Amature night at castro's karioke bar and grill

According to the Washington Post:

Standing before a battery of television cameras, President Hugo Chavez confronted the impulse to break into song and -- as often happens in such moments -- surrendered without a fight.

" Guantanamera ," he sang in confident baritone, swaying slightly to the refrain of Cuba's most celebrated tune. " Guajira Guantanamera . . . ."

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? This man is not Cuban, and I'm sure he has no clue as to what a guajira is. As a Cuban I am offended that he sings this to his people, so image how venezuelans feel having their president sing this song to them. It would be like President Bush singing "A Maple Leaf forever" to the American people.

All I want to know is that for their next number, can chavez and fidel do a duet cantando "el Manisero?"


Alberto Quiroga said...

With Jimmy Carter doing background vocals...

The Universal Spectator said...

And Bill F. Clinton on sexophone, I mean saxophone.

Songuacassal said...

And French President Jaques playing the Accordian.