Friday, July 15, 2005

Cuba is not lost

I've been staring at my computer screen for an hour typing and re-typing my thoughts and concerns over the recent protesting in Cuba and the subsequent backlashing. And I can't seem to find a better way to say what was already said by KillCastro to Val at

This is KillCastro's remarks to Val's post Dolor.

Mi hermano Val: Life is a string of disappointments marked by moments of triumph. When any Cuban see the brutality of brother against brother, our first instinct is one of despair and disappointment and triumph seems so far beyond our reach that any intelligent rational person will feel it is just but a chimera. DOLOR , is the logical feeling . Deep, overwhelming, unspeakable pain. We see the mobs frothing at the mouth against these valiant Cubans and we come to the conclusion that “all is lost”, but is it? Let’s look at from a simple logistics point of view. Let us look at it without the cloud of pain that overcomes our soul. Let us be as calculating and coldhearted as a military man should be, because this, Val, mi hermano is WAR!. Look at the numbers, who were defending the Beast , how many people came out in favor of the monster? Now, if in fact Cuba was lost, there would’ve been a couple of million people attacking those brave souls, but there were not. Let us go further, how many people would LIKE to have joined the peaceful demonstrators but did not dare to? Just do that simple calculation in your head and the picture becomes a LOT more hopeful. You better than any one else knows the value of populism, you know the power the control KaSStro (and his henchmen) hold over Cubans in general. This is nothing new. It is just one of the many disappointments, but this one can easily be dismissed. We are dealing with the humanity of man, and we MUST be honest and truthful and have the cojones to admit that NOT all Cubans in Cuba deserve to be free. It has been 2+ generations of indoctrination, of lack of morals, nonexistent family values, of thievery of godlessness of sex for the sake of fucking. The SAME hijos de puta chanting and spitting at the demonstrators are the ones who are stealing toilet paper at their place of work. These are amoral people, some of them may have it better NOW than they will ever have it, if Cuba became free and democratic, because now they know how to “resolver” whereas an honest future portends WORK. You will find honest hard working men and women alongside pricks, whores and pimps all over the world all through history. It is HUMAN NATURE. How different are these animals that made you write your posts from those who took to the streets on Jan 1 1959 and ransacked La Habana? It is the SAME slime that every society has. The thieves, the dregs, the scum that no society will ever extinguish. Within what we saw yesterday of course it looks like an inexplicable insurmountable situation. HOW can these people defend a regimen that denies its women sanitary napkins, how, how, how? Simple answer, these are animals that have been running rampant for 46 years. This is 46 years of hyena breeding. These same pricks will be the FIRST to fly the American flag the day Cuba is free. In fact they will be the MOST vocal anti-KaSStro force. Yes there are 12 year old girls selling themselves for a Coke and 11 year old boys taking it up the ass for $10 USD , but … Look at the morals in Cuba. It has been 46 years of free fucking, From the very first “Trabajo Voluntario” contingent where the only thing to do was get laid and you had babies having babies. There’s no parental guidance, there is no Church, no GOD, and there is no sense of honor or respect for their own bodies. Their bodies do not belong to them. They are ONLY a tool to a mean. I DO feel that there is HOPE, for the simple reason that it is NOT the majority of girls and boys doing this, it is the girls and boys who in pretty much any society will find an easy way of making a buck.
We should not romanticize our history, there were whores and pimps and thieves and gangsters and murders before KaSStro. His destruction of the Cuban family, the values of yesteryears, the honor the pride in one’s self worth has just made the practice that much more “acceptable”. Before it used to be by “vocation” now they are practically TRAINED in those practices and it becomes an easily adopted way of life.

I have three nieces in Cuba 12, 14 & 15 they suffer as much hunger as anyone else they too lack sanitary napkins , but they are NOT taking to the streets, because within the CORE of my family DOES remain a moral fiber that no KaSStro can touch.

The 14 year old is not allowed to DATE. The 15 year old brings a boy home and he gets drilled as any American parent would drill the kid taking their daughter to the prom.

So we need to concentrate on THOSE who have not fallen pray to the debauchery, who have kept their heads high, who against all odds DO protest and have instilled moral and civil values in their children. It is for these people we need to fight. The scum, will be sifted probably violently and as has been said “La sangre se va a desbordar en el Malecon” but the society WILL be purged. And even after it is, they will still be whores, and pimps and thieves and gangsters because man is part divine and part animal and for some the animal side will always outweigh the divine.

And that is what you saw yesterday, the Christians facing the lions in the Coliseum
The worse of humanity trying to devour the best of humanity. Isn’t the best of humanity worth fighting for?

Let us not let our emotions defeat our purpose. As long as there is ONE man or woman in Cuba willing to throw a flower in remembrance of those who have died at the hands of The Beast, Cuba is NOT lost.

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