Sunday, July 24, 2005

Nominee for the next President of Cuba

Martha Beatriz Roque for President

Given that the events, which transpired over the past few days by this Cubanasa's unflinching position against fidel, have been so impressive, so sturdy, and so solid to the cause of freedom; I hereby nominate her for the next President of Cuba. If we are to look and fight towards a free Cuba, then let us look and fight through the clearly focused lens of counter-revolutionary dissent. We will only go as far as we push, so let us push all the way.

Roque Si, Castro No. Let the campaign begin.


The Universal Spectator said...

Roque for President, Biscet for Minister of Justice.

songuacassal said...

NICE... And Vladamiro Roca for Prime Minister

Alberto Quiroga said...

She is smart, she is brave, she is determined. And she's no Hillary.