Friday, July 29, 2005

The sum of all things

Picture Donated by Val at Babalu

On the 22nd of July, a group of about 33 Cubans, many who were part of the historic 20 of May Assembly, organized a peaceful protest in front of the French Embassy. All were arrested at some point en route our on the premises. Martha Beatriz Roque was later released sparking a Solidarity Campaign Against Repression in Cuba. The links of both can be found at 26th Parallel.

In my previous post: Esta Bueno Ya, I detailed the events (with whatever weak spanish I have) that surrounded a successful an amazing retreat of the Cuban police attepting to confiscate T.V.'s recieving television programs from Miami. All of this seemingly related to Roque's comment about the APSC taking Cuba through the streets. Rumors are flying that fidel is planning his perras... I mean ladies... to go out and demonstrate.

The US response to this has been overwhelming. We find George from Babalu commenting on how Condi Rice stated the need to: Accelerate the demise of Castro's tyranny. And Paxety also shows us how the U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli stated that the Cuban people, [were] attempting to exercise their basic human rights and freedoms. and how President Bush states: ...The United States is "not waiting for the day of Cuban freedom," says Mr. Bush. The U.S. is "working for the day of Cuban freedom.

And finally through Val at Babalu, and Charlie Bravo from KillCastro a war-blog, I was directed to Howarde's post on Cuba from Ye Olde Codger-tator.

Howarde states:

Unless there is adequate preparation well in advance, the day Fidel, the Great Cockroach, dies, the chance to change the form of government in Cuba will be lost. His death, in my opinion, will not create a vacuum. He'll die a world renowned hero and the government in charge in Havana will be prepared to take full advantage of it. There will be a great funeral parade with heads of state from all over the world in attendance. It will take more than words to bring back a democratic form of Government, more than wishful thinking, more than Blogs and letters.

I will spare Howarde a re-post of his wonderful analysis, and ask you to read it at his site.

It's clear that change is fomenting in Cuba and the Government is crippled each day a protest is made, an arrest is made, and a retreat by their police is made. Leading it all is Martha Beatriz Roque who has eluded prision many a time. This is not easy for us to understand. Many a time in the past has there been fakes, spies, that castro puts in the mix and once all hope rests on them they are exposed shattering our faith and hope in any change.

We cannot let our sentiments go to Roque the same way they went to Osvaldo Paya. During the Varela Project a few years back, Paya was seen as the possible star of the opposition, and castro did nothing to him and with time we wondered why and began to doubt: "why's Biscet in jail and not Paya." And through this doubt and the actual impotence of the project many lost hope in him, and once again the opposition fell through the cracks.

Howardes words: It will take more than words to bring back a democratic form of Government, more than wishful thinking, more than Blogs and letters. are echos of my own thoughts that have been racing through my mind this past week. He's right, it will take more than these, it will take faith, it will take hope, it will take action, and it will take solidarity on our all of our parts both on and off the island.

I was kidding a few days past when I posted Martha Beatriz Roque for president, but there is some truth to that: we cannot let fidel inflict us with anymore paranoia -we must stand behind someone. We must erase all doubt about the people who fight against castro's machine for the sake of solidarity. Yes it is odd that Roque was detained for so long and then released. It can cause doubt in many of us who recall past misfortunes. Nevertheless, we must be more resolute of our faith in those who are against fidel, because now more than ever we all sense somewhere deep inside that change is coming soon. This is a time to act. No, words ALONE will not bring democratic change, but it can unite us more into one solid voice and mind in work for that change. The sum of all the events in Cuba are pointing towards the end of castro's reign.

The sum of all things is hope.

Let us not loose sight of that hope, even if castro dies a hero, with a great funeral parade, and a sobbing eulogy given by chavez. Our voices must be louder come that day and our minds must be firmer than ever in our cry for freedom.


Jose Aguirre said...

Understand your concerns, however, Marta Beatriz Roque is the real deal! She has been in jail several times, way before the 75 who were imprisoned in Spring 2003. (She was the only woman imprisoned at that time) Prior to that she went to jail for writing La Patria es de Todos as an affront to fidel's repression. Esta mujer si tiene los pantalones bien puesto!

Songuacassal said...

I agree! And we must continue our support for her, no matter what paranoia castro may try to instill in us.