Friday, July 22, 2005

A Total Waste.

I was reflecting on fidel castro today. As sick and distasteful as it may sound, I was trying to get into his head to figure out what motivates him. I mean what motivates somebody to enslave an entire country, his own country? Hitler had plans for world domination, but castro is smart enough to know that Cuba isn't going to dominate anything. Even when the USSR was at its strongest in the height of the cold war, the most he could hope to be was the remora attached to that big shark.

We know he doesn't believe in God, despite his Jesuit education, because if he did he'd fear hell for all of his sins. So I started thinking that this is all a big game for him. A giant chess board in which he moves the pieces and the people of Cuba are the pawns. He doesn't care about sacrificing them because it's the overall game that's important to him. He's all about manipulating things just for the fun of it.

He couldn't possibly believe his own propaganda. He can't think that he's doing the right thing for the people. He's the guy that killed a rival student leader when he was a young man; showing that he only craves power. He grew up in Cuba, he knows how great a country it was, and how miserable it is now. It's just that he'd rather have a miserable Cuba with him at the helm, than a prosperous one without him. Some say that he actually hates the Cuban people, and I believe them. His father was a Spaniard that fought against the independence of Cuba. Maybe this is a way to punish Cubans for having defeated his father.

So what's the end game? When Castro dies he will be a footnote in history. Cubans will erase his image and those images of the "revolution" from the public square and try to erase him from their memory banks. His only legacy will be one of destruction. There will be a few "losers" that will remember him fondly but for all intents and purposes he will be a non-person. He has to know this. He knew enough to tell Gorbachev not to pursue glastnost and perestroika, for it was a one way path toward the end of communism in the USSR. So he has to know that when he's gone his system will be gone too.

So in the end he's just hanging on to hang on. There's no greater calling. There's no promised victory. On the contrary everything he stands for will be defeated.

What a waste of life, of blood, of sweat and of tears. He had an opportunity to be a giant among men but it wasn't within him. He could have re-instituted the constitution of 1940. He could have shepherded Cuba to a new and even more prosperous era. He could really have been a hero like the men whose images watch over this blog. Instead he's a pathetic old man moving his pawns back and forth on his chess board while the rest of the world simply waits for him to die.

fidel, me cago en ti.


Anonymous said...

Fidel me cago en tu puta madre.

When Castro dies there still will be his large flock of international supporters. You call them losers - but there are a lot of these losers who have helped him still be in power. You cannot believe the organizations in the USA that are keeping his tyranny alive. I say we go after these individuals and organizations when Castro dies because they are not going to go away.

Robert said...


I agree with you 100%. I saw a documentary on PBS back in February and I got the impression from watching it that fidel must know deep inside that Cuba is a huge failure because of him. He's too smart not to realize that.

A total waste of intelligence indeed, and a total waste of a human being.

Alberto Quiroga said...

kakasstroffe is a sociopathic, megalomaniacal egotist, with an obsessive need to control everyone and everything. At the same time, he is insecure enough that he demands unconditional loyalty and adulation. This can be seen in his rambling hours-long harangues, attended by the thousands who, willingly or not, are participating in what amounts to a pagan worship ceremony to satisfy the ego of the creature who does not believe in God, because, as did the Roman emperors, he believes himself to be one.

There are many parallels between himself and Adolf Hitler, a man he admired (and probably still does, at least unconsciously); both megalomaniacs, sociopaths/psychopaths, insecure, and supreme egotists.

The difference between him and Hitler is that Hitler achieved the power, through the German people, to externalize and carry out his hate agenda: 1) make war against the Jews; 2) make war against the "decadent, Western plutocracies," whom he blamed for Germany's misfortunes after the First World War; 3) make war against "subhuman bolshevism," seeing himself as a modern-day Crusader against the " Red subhumans from the East."

To the extent that the Germans enabled him to carry out that agenda, he rewarded them by giving them a new sense of national pride, an improved material existence, and an arrogant sense of racial and moral superiority.

kakasstroffe is, deep down, envious and frustrated because unlike his "hero," he cannot make such a mark on history, albeit an evil mark. Therefore, being unable to externalize his agenda of hate, consisting of 1) an intense need to make war against and destroy the USA; 2) create a self-defined "socialist" empire in the Western hemisphere and thus impact the whole world, he has internalized his aggression and hate against the Cuban people, whom he no doubt deep down despises as "weak," because they have "failed" him in these quixotic quests.
As a result, Cuba is a wreck, culturally, morally, and materially. The "god" has meted out punishment for 46 years against the mere mortals who have so disappointed him...

What is rationally so difficult and frustrating to understand is why the Cuban people have tolerated this for so long, and why so many, at least on the surface, still support him.

It is no different than when you are dealing with an abuser and the enablers who tolerate the abuse and manipulation. God help the Cuban people - I have reached the point where I believe no one else can. Hasta cuando, Dios mio?

Juan Paxety said...

I agree completely - this is why I say he's not really a communist, he believes only in himself. He uses communism to satisfy his need to control.

In reading this, I also have to wonder if his father, as a Spaniard sent to defend Cuba, didn't instill the hatred of the U.S. in young fidel. Perhaps fidel is still fighting the Spanish-American War, trying to defeat Teddy Roosevelt's charge up San Juan Hill?