Sunday, August 07, 2005

But they've come a long way...

In a reprint of a BBC article (below) the black and white reality that Cuban women are buying their foreign husbands for security and easy passage off the Island is exposed.

This smacks into the face of their own revolutionary dribble.

In a recent article LA FAMILIA CUBANA : MÁS ALLÁ DE LOS VÍNCULOS SANGUÍNEOS printed on Cuba's own Comments are made as to the wonders of the Cuban family today.

En Cuba, hace años se viene rompiendo con el viejo modelo familiar basado en el marido proveedor y la esposa ama de casa.

In Cuba, it's been years since the old family model, based on the providing husband and the servant, had been broken.

El hombre cubano va compartiendo el poder familiar en un porcentaje importantísimo de casos y lo ha asimilado como signo positivo de los nuevos tiempos; participa de manera activa en la atención y educación de los hijos aunque sigue remiso y holgazán en afrontar su cuota en las labores domésticas.

The Cuban Man partakes in the family power in a percentage of important case and he has asimilated it as a positive sign for the new times. He participates in an active manner in the attention and education of the children although he continues in his quota domestic labor.

Well, given the reality of husband for sale, I'm curious to know if Cuban women have a value meal to choose from, you know, maybe to choose between the active worker or the kid tutor -or maybe some lucky women by be able to super size her buy.

Things aren't what they used to be eh?

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