Friday, August 19, 2005

CNN: Confused News Network

Hi, thought I'd do a quick post in this Greek internet cafe.

First off, the plane landed fine and all is well here in Greece.

Secondly, you would not believe how much worse CNN world is in comparision the regular CNN back in the states. The station here is so anti-US it is a wonder how they are based in Atlanta. It is almost as if they have a double standard:

CNN in the US: Conservative Americans are sort of bad.
CNN World: All Americans near being the curse of the world.

Instead of news, CNN is more like TV fellatio for the liberal minded and the anti-American.


Robert said...


Good to hear you made it safe!

From what little I've seen of CNN World, I have to agree with your assessment. They're like Al-Jazeera light.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

Greece? jealous! Glad to hear you made it safely Songua. Give my people an OOOPPAAAAA for me :)

Songuacassal said...

Tremenda... Kalimera and efgaristo for the post! That's RIGHT you're part Greek! Bueno, let me tell you... though I have not one drop of Greek in me, all the people there thought I was and couldn't understand why I didn't speak Greek (or Italian for that matter)! And honestly, of all the sites that I have visited thus far, I was sad to leave Greece. I really, Really, REALLY, fell in love with the place.