Sunday, August 07, 2005

Europe, It's Time to End Your Complicity in the Cuban Tragedy

Leaders of Europe,

It is apparent to anyone with a minimum of common sense that fidel castro is going to continue oppressing and repressing his people. Of course, because he faces no consequences. Europe has decided that it is better to "dialogue" with the tyrant. Until when will you stand idly by while castro and his goons continue to jail and harass ordinary Cubans for committing such crimes as voicing disagreement with their government? Until when?

For seven decades Europe lived in the shadow of a communist-totalitarian empire. How short are your collective memories? Why have you allied yourself to the only unelected dictator in the western hemisphere? Is this some ridiculous attempt to counter-balance the United States? Is your alliance due to a mutual hatred for the U.S.? Or are you collectively too weak to stand up to the Europeaan hotel chains, farmers and other businesses that make money off of Cuban slave labor?

One would think that with your continent's bloody modern history, that Europeans would not be tolerant of ideologies that trample upon human rights. Did you know that in Cuba it is illegal to possess a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Surely you must know this. Yet you continue to make excuses for this monstrous tyrant.

It's time to call things as they are. Europe you are guilty of being accomplices in extending the life of the decrepit and illegal castro regime. Opponents of the U.S. trade sanctions against Cuba like to say that they haven't "worked" during 4 decades. I ask Europe, what has your "dialogue" accomplished for the Cuban people? Nothing. castro laughs at Europeans which he has duped. Even with all of the media coverage of the repression Europe almost comically continues to carry water for castro.

It's time to stop giving castro carrots and show him that you are willing to give him the stick. We urge European leaders to join the United States in isolating Cuba economically with the goal of restoring democracy and human rights to that populous which has suffered for 46 years.

Europe it's time for you to join us in telling fidel castro...

¡Ya no mas!

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