Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gimme Five

Five Cuban Spies

One of my first posts on this site was dedicated to the ridiculous obession that the Cuban Gov. had with their five spies convicted and detained here in the US.

Unbeknownst to most people in the public was the fact that there were more than 5, but actually (and at least) 10!

Here's a reprint of my list:
1.Manuel Viramontes, AKA: Giro, Giraldo
2.Luis Medina, AKA: Allan, Johnny, Oso
3.René González-Sehweret, AKA: Castor, Iselín
4.Antonio Guerrero, AKA: Rolando González-Díaz, Lorient
5.Rubén Campa, AKA: Vicky
6.Alejandro Alonso, AKA: Franklyn
7.Nilo Hernández, AKA: Manolo
8.Linda Hernández, AKA: Judith
9.Joseph Santos, AKA: Mario
10.Amarylis Silverio, AKA: Julia

Bueno, much like a baby that whines for its attention, and eventually gets it, Cuba has whined and cried and pouted and finally, yes finally, got some attention.

According to the BBC these five men will be retried on the bases that the original verdict was influenced by the Cuban Exiles loss of Elian. Of course fidel and alarcon are thrilled, and alarcon had this to say: It is an important first step that confirms what we have been trying to tell the world about the injustice of this case.

I have this to say to alarcon and to fidel:

What of the leftovers of the original 75 prisoners of conscience? What of Elias Biscet? What of the three dissidents to face trial for preparing a protest in front of the French Embassy? WHAT OF ALL THE INNOCENT LIFE SLAUGHTERED AT THE HANDS OF A 46 YEAR REIGNING TYRANT?

Who is the Cuba Gov. to try to tell anyone about any sort of injustice, when they are injust to their very own citizens?

I applaud the Judge for retrying the case, thats right, I applaud him. This is how a Government based on liberty works: for even the most hardened criminal has the right to appeal. Maybe Cuba should take a deeper, closer, and clearer look at how things are done in a FREE COUNTRY and LEARN a thing or two.

As to the guilt or innocence of the Miami 5, I invite you to reread my post Let's get it right that contains commentary and links to related sources clearly exposing the espionage of the Miami ten -whoops I meant the Miami five.


daniel said...

from the posts you directed at ne on the babalu thread, i got the impression that you thought i was "in support" of them, and if you thought that, let me just say youre wrong, go back, and i never said i was "in league" witht hem or that they were my heros or that i claimed they were innocent.. i just thoght it was a) a clever argument on the part of their lawyers b) a great chance to show the cuban people how truly great our legal system is what with its appeals and all c) gives a chance to get a second guilty verdict and quash any doubt as to their guilt or innocence.. if you thought i said anything else just go back and read my replies overthere, none of them are "in support" of the 5 (yeah yeah there were 10 , half flipped, hence the battle cry free the 5)

Songuacassal said...

DANIEL ASERE!!!! Sometimes I get a little hyped when I write comments! Bueno, I just meant to direct to the links, and I didn't mean to include you in my earlier attact on the subject.

Sorry for the offense!

For future reference I name and quote the person before I attack them.

I competely agree with you on your point's B and C. I will have to say, though, that I'm not too impressed with the laywers.

Peace bro.

daniel said...

no prob bro..
BTW, your page seems to load up fine today.. usually i use the firefox browser, but for your page, i need to go with IE.. the other blogger sites seem to do fine on firefox.. just letting you know
peace out

jsb said...

Here's hoping the new trial will provide harsher sentencing for the five.

Songuacassal said...


I am HOPING for that to happen. What a sweet way to slap fidel in the face!