Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Study Abroad

Sorry for the infrequent blogging the past few days; I've been busy packing. As some of you know I'm a grad student, and in my usual insanity I signed up for a study abroad program this fall. I'll be touring the bordering countries of the east mediterranian for a semester, and for all intents and purposes the group will be "roughing it out".

Thus, Computers will be scarce, and so my contibution to this blog will be on the low side until I get back.

Nevertheless, I don't leave you empty handed: Henry "Conductor" still has plenty to offer, and hopefully our behind the scenes man Danny Bauer will make his blogging debut. And Robert from the 26thparallel must have a rather large keychain, because like Babalublog, Robert also has the keys to Cuban-American Pundits.

All I ask of you guys is that you don't trash the place while I'm gone. I'll be back in three months so watch out! Also, please take time to look at our linkbar. Conductor and I go through lengths to make sure that each link is working and is effective in spreading Cuban culture and the truth behind the castro regime.

Bueno, the plane leaves in a few hours; I just hope nothing juicy happens in Cuba until I get back!

Bon Voyage!


Jose Aguirre said...

Have a good semester Songuacassal! However, I do hope that while you are away someone does empty 10 to 20 bullets into fidel castro! I am sure you could read about it even before you got back.

Val Prieto said...

God speed, Songua! have a great semester.

Robert said...

Best of luck buddy! Stay safe.

I'd be honored to make occassional posts.

Bon Voyage!

Alberto Quiroga said...

Cuidate, and surely you would not mind if, during your absence, the old, stinkin' raving, rice-cooker pushin' manic-beast kicks the bucket.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

Songua! Have a great time in the Mediterranean. If you visit Greece or Sicily, please give a kiss to la tierra querida of my ancestors. Stay safe, we will keep on preachin' over here! :)