Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A message to Mr. or Ms. Leftside

I usually refrain from personal attacks but like Michael Corleone told Kaye "I'm going to make an exception just this once." You'll all see why in a minute.

Mr. or Ms. Leftside,


Below is a comment this jackass left me under the Jose Contreras Post

Do you know that Jose Contreras has a special clause in his contract that allows him to play of the Cuban National team whenever it plays outside of Cuba? Sounds awfully close to a case of post 1959 Cuban national pride, which is not allowed by true Cuban patriots like yourself is it?

And as you highlight that Cuba denied visas to Jose's family, might you take the time to actually think about why Cuba does this? Cuba does not want to turn into the Dominican Republic that's why. Just as Japan mandates players play for their home country for a certain amount of years, Cuba does too. You'll notice a number of Cuban stars playing in the Japanese league now. If they were allow "freedom" to those who the people invested so much resources into developing, the national pastime would dissolve. There would be scouts plucking kids out of elementary school, providing them no education and leaving them to fend for themselves after they didn't make the cut. There would be a baseball crazed nation left to watch 2nd rate players. I know that is good for MLB but it is certainly not what the Cuban people want. Rewarding defectors is simply not good policy.

1. No, I didn't know about that clause in Contreras' contract but I just read about it in the Chicago tribune. The only thing I can think of is that he was sentimental about his days with the Cuban team when he signed his contract back in 2002. As you know many NBA players, like Manu Ginobli, play for their home countries in international competition. You'll notice that Contreras has never exercised that clause and that even if he wanted to, what do you think the chances are that the murderous tyrant, fidel castro, would let him play? Also why do you think he would stipulate that the clause would only apply when the team is outside of Cuba? Maybe because Jose Contreras would disappear from the face of the earth?

2. So you think it's wholly appropriate that a country hold people hostage so that said country doesn't lose its baseball talent? What kind of a moron are you? The Japanese require that their players stay in Japan. Sure, as part of a contractual agreement between a free citizen and a private organization, not as a government policy. The difference between Japan and Cuba is that there are no professional teams in Cuba. There are no private employers in Cuba either. Everyone works for (or rather are slaves of) the state. There's no free agent period for Cuban ball players period.

3. The more restrictive free agent rules in Japan are in place to preserve the owners business interests and not some nationalistic idea of preserving the pastime. Japanese player contracts are routinely sold to U.S. ball clubs. The Red Sox actually bought out Kevin Millar's Japanes contract so he could play in Boston.

4. Some Cuban players have been allowed to play in Japan but it's been very few and the ones allowed are the ones like Mario Linares who have sworn allegience to the murderous tyrant. And even if they want to leave the island permanently, how many of those Cuban ballplayers in Japan have family trapped in Cuba. Of course you see nothing wrong with that because you are a jackass.

5. You imply that there is something wrong with kids from the poorest Dominican towns coming here to the U.S. to become millionaires. I'd like to know exactly what the problem is.
6. How the fuck do you presume to know what the Cuban people want? I know that half a million Cubans are enrolled in the visa lottery to come to the U.S. right now. I know that hundreds of thousands more would risk drowning or being eaten by sharks in the Florida Strait to get the hell out that place because of the disastrous totalitarian regime. You think they give a good Goddamn about the state of Cuban baseball? You don't think they are cheering for Jose Contreras right now?

Fuck You Leftside, me cago en ti y me cago en tu chulo, fidel!


Val Prieto said...

Dejastes a leftside con las nalgas rojas!!! What a spanking.

Juan Paxety said...

It always amazes me when people can't understand the difference between the oblibations one voluntarily assumes in a contract and slavery.

Alberto Quiroga said...

Obviamente oiste de un verdadero culo DEL "caballo." And indeed proved it was nothing but a jackass. Since it apparently enjoys the slave lifestyle, I'd love to "involuntarily employ" it in post-Wilma cleanup tasks. Compensation? None required. It obviously enjoys the masochistic pathological "rewards" of being a good "house slave."