Sunday, November 06, 2005

I hate jet lag

Well, I've been back for two or so days from my trip to la tierra santa, which lets face it, es mas tierra que santa.

And how am I?

Suffering from jet lag.

No, I'm not sleeping at odd hours of the day. No, I am not very tired.

Nope. These past two days I'm actually am sleeping at around 11 and getting up around 6. I laugh at sleep... as I sip mi Cafecito.

My problem, as my friend and expert traveller Danny Bauer just put it, is that I'm in and will be in lala land for about a week.

Case in point:

One of my friends, who I haven't seen in ages, was in town for a buisness conference. We just found out that both of us were going to be around and so we caught up with each other at the last minute yesterday and had dinner. Bueno, upon returning her to the hotel we agreed to meet in the morning for breakfast before she left on the plane back to miami (la santa tierra).

I went to bed planning to get up at 5:30. Woke up not believeing it was 7:30, as a matter of fact I didn't even know today was Sunday, which meant that I had to be at a job meeting around 8:30. I called ASAP and found she had already boarded the plane in an airport that is more than an hour away. WHAT THE??? We said our good buys, and of course, I felt, and still feel, like a total ass.

I might be a awake at the moment. I might be blogging. But I have no sense as to what time or day it is.

I want to say it's great to be back, but I don't think I completely back yet!

I can't wait for this jet lag to go away.

Any suggestions?


Robert said...

Welcome back to our part of the world Songua! Hope your time over there was enriching and rewarding.

Good to have you back, and look forward to your thoughts and comments when you recover from your jet lag.

Julio C. Zangroniz said...

First and foremost, welcome back!!!
We missed you!
I'm sure we are going to enjoy your tales of foreign travel...
Regarding how to cope with jet lag... just take it as easy as you can. Have a couple of "mentiritas" that is, what most other people call "Cuba Libres," which WE know doesn't exist any more... those ole rum and coke libations.
Also, drink plenty of water, get as much rest as you can (go for long walks, etc.) and don't overeat --particularly on the greasy Cuban stuff, tempting though it may be.
Little by little, you will acclimatize to your old time zones. Don't fight the process. As psychiatrist Fritz Pearls used to say... don't push the river, it flows by itself.
In a few days, you WILL be back to your old self.
And again, welcome back!
Julio C. Zangroniz