Friday, November 18, 2005

Making more than doctors?

As I was doing some investgative reporting on some upcoming news (whose honors I leave to the folks at KillCastro), I came upon a paraphrase in that castro made to the students of Havana U:

Currently, he noted, there are people in our country who do not work for a living, but from illegal business with gasoline; with products from the ports, the country’s agriculture, the convertible currency stores and the hotels for international tourism. Those people must be stopped, because it cannot be that their ill-gotten wealth should be 40-50 times higher than those who carry out selfless work, like the internationalist doctors.

40 to 50 times higher than the poor selfless doctors?

Selfless, like all the ones that tried to escape Cuba.

Wait, wait, that's besides the point right? I mean at least the ones that do work don't recieve money selfishly. But that's because fidel keeps the hard currency from donators. Oh, and he stores it here.

SO as Castro condemns those who are "illegally" making more than the average Cuban let us not forget that fidel makes 1000000000 more than ANY Cuban.

If they must be stopped for making more, then I propose that billionare fidel lead the way you rich oppressive bastard.

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