Saturday, December 24, 2005

Meeting good friends, for the first time.

As strange as that sounds that's exactly what I did today. Songuacassal, the founder of this blog, lives in another city. Since he invited me to collaborate, we've become, what I'd consider, close friends though I had never met him in person or even heard his voice before today. Strange thing this internet, you can really get to know someone quite well. Songua is quite a person and I admire him greatly. He's genuine and a true "good guy."

Today I also met Robert Molleda from 26th Parallel and Babalublog as well as Steve H. from Hog on Ice for the first time too.

All of this happened at ManCamp, Val Prieto's Shangri la on Snapper Creek. And I can't forget to mention that George Moneo from The Universal Spectator (and Babalublog as well) and his hilarious impression of a muslim terrorist (though it sounds more Indian/Hindu).

We had a nice lunch, threw back a few brewskis, and had a few laughs. I'm honored to be part of this fraternity of SoFla and Cuban-American bloggers. Merry Christmas guys and Merry Christmas to all of our readers.


Julio C. Zangroniz said...

I, for one, am green with envy. How I wish I would have been able to join that tertulia at ManCamp with such luminaries!
Instead of sipping brewskis in not much more than a t-shirt and shorts by the side of a canal, I have to put on five layers of clothing if I want to step out of my house into the gigantic freezer that Maryland becomes in winter.
It's my 19th winter in a row here... too much... much too much.
Oh, well, maybe we can arrange a similar gathering of the "flor y nata" of CubanBlogdom in May, when I hope to go down to Florida for CubaNostalgia...
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Robert said...

I share the same feelings Conductor. True how the internet can bring people close without ever meeting anyone in person.

George's Hindu/Muslim accent would fit in well at the neighborhood 7-Eleven or Dunkin Donuts! ;)

Julio, hopefully we'll set something up for May. It's your turn to chase the ManCamp iguana!

Alfredo said...

It's great that you guys got together! Even though this blogger is in Texas hopefully one day I can meet some fellow bloggers.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

songuacassal said...

Conductor, I had great time and it's definitey worth the repeat!

The internet is an interesting place. And I can only say that I am priviledged to be blogging with you.