Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Must Read! (Updated)

One Latin American embassy - just a small, non-wealthy Latin American country in fact - says they´re processing requests for asylum from four Cuban doctors a week now, up from nothing a few months ago.

Mora, from Babalublog.com, is in Venezuela now with live updates from the Lions den.

And if you haven't read Mora's post from Venezuela already, then you must go to Babalu and read it now!

Now, why would we at CAP be so interested in Venezuela? Aside from the obvious castro connection, we actually get a lot of venezuelan visitors. Believe it or not, though Cuba does not yet grace our pages like they do at Killcastro -a war blog we do get PLENTY of hits from Venezuela -not to mention Brazil and Mexico.

And what we find funny about it is that all these hit's are interested in this post with chavez singing la Guantaramera. So in honor of chavez who has put on one hell of a show these past elections we now offer you all this picture that so many in venezuela love to come here and look at:

And yes we are still waiting for him and fidel to sing "El Manisero" as a duet.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, Hugo Chavez is so fucking ugly. Looks like he's missing a chromosome.

Alfredo said...

What a disgrace! Mini-me always trying to please his evil master!