Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Answering Ignorance.

I normally don't respond to the comments of misinformed apologists for a murderous totalitarian regime. I don't do it because it's physically and mentally draining to have to answer the same questions all the time. Questions that the questioner really doesn't want to hear the true answers to. But because my other readers deserve to read the stupidity, and so that I'm not accused of not allowing a free discourse, I will answer the following comments left by "anonymous"

I want to know how the existence of "spies" that only report on matters related to Cuba's national security can "threaten" and "destroy America?"
First off how do you know that they only reported on matters related to Cuba's national security? Unless you know soemthing that the rest of the world doesn't, there's no telling what information they may have transmitted to Cuba. You assume that they only transmitted information that they personally gathered but certainly there's more than a slight possibility that they were in working in conjunction with other agents of the castro regime. I don't have to tell you that castro had an agent named Ana Belen Montes working in the Pentagon. And she was no clerk. Additionally these two were college professors and psychologists. They could use their positions to identify and recruit potential agents that might someday have access to sensitive information. The U.S. attorney informs us that information about at least one FBI agent (which is U.S. domestic law enforcement and doesn't pose a threat to Cuba) was transmitted to Cuba. Not only that Carlos Alvarez had completed dozens, if not more, of psychological profiles on local law enforcement officers. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out that sensitive personal information is divulged during the course of putting together such a profile. Information that could be used to blackmail and "turn" a one time police cadet who later joined a Federal agency.

I don't think that these two spies could destroy America but the destruction of America is the dearest wish of their boss. And the truth is that none of us really knows what they did or were capable of. On September 10, 2001 the idea that a group of Arab students would be taking flight courses didn't raise anybrows. On September 11th, we all wished that 2 and 2 had been put together.
I want to know why what these 2 did is worse than what the 75 "dissidents" arrested in Cuba in 03 did? If they are political prisoners, why not these? Those in Cuba were being PAID by the US Government (or its subsideraries) and controlled by it - all in the service of bringing down the country's Government for the United States and Aznar.
Why do you put the word dissidents in quotes? What evidence do you offer that these people are not what the rest of the civilized world knows them to be, dissidents and independent journalists? What evidence do you offer that they received a single thin dime from the U.S. or Spain as you allege? No, that's just more propaganda.

Carlos and Elsa Alvarez were not arrested because they disagreed with the U.S. government or because they wrote about current events outside of any state sanctioned media. They were arrested because they were acting as unregistered agents of a country that the U.S. does not have official diplomatic relations with and that is on the State Department's list of terrorist states.
These 2 were not paid, did not threaten the United States or its soveriegnty in any way and did not offer any secrets or anything that was not public information.
Whether they did it for money or the pure love of the bearded bastard or the pure hate of the U.S. (where they lived quite comfortably in their $750,000 home) is irrelevant. It's the action not the motivation that they will be tried for. Again how do you know that they didn't act in concert with other unregistered agents? How do you know what they did and didn't do?
How then can you justify this arrest and condemn the Cuban Government for having jailed people for far more serious crimes. Not one person in jail was NOT INVOLVED with the US Government's plans to bring down the Revolution.
I can do it very easily. I live in a free country and I am free to have my opinion. Calling dissidents criminals discredits everything you have offered. Do you really think that all 11 million people that live in Cuba agree with Fidel 100% on everything? Why are people risking their lives to get here? The problem is that you would rather believe the claims of the only unelected dictator in the hemisphere and the longest running dictatorship in the world than that of a Federal prosecutor. Well unlike in Cuba, at least the Alvarez couple will have the opportunity to have a trial by an impartial jury (if they don't take plea deal first) and the benefit of experienced and knowledgable defense counsel. You can't say that about any of the 75.

Now be a good boy and bugger off.


Val Prieto said...

Well done, man.

Robert said...

Great dissection, unfortunately our brave "anonymous" will probably never bother to read it, much less allow it to sink in.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


Your comments are not welcome here because this blog is not in the business of publishing castro propaganda. Go back to the business of buggering little boys or whatever you do. Anybody that trusts a cuban "trial" more than one conducted in Miami that didn't have a single Cuban on the jury is clearly a lost cause. And I'm no Saint Jude. I don't work on lost causes.

C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Thanks for visiting my for the Lation Rosenberg's, anyone who defends them (not the court appointed defense paid for by tax payers as you so adroitly pointed out) need to shipped to Havana on the next avaialble transport.

As for the commenter above this post, his comment about little boys makes me thing he's man of expereince. What bilge! I first thought you should have deleted his comment. But after reading it again, it should stay on your site so that all can see just how peace loving humanists lefties like this fellow traveler are.

Lenin was right - Useful idiot!

Anonymous said...

I gave you credit for a day for being a Cuban blogger that actually allwoed free speach. That was before I got banned before post 2. I bet the Cubans can't wait until you all tak over and show them what freedom is all about. Really pathetic.

Songuacassal said...


I love how people attempt to talk about freedom, attempt to use phrases like "free speech, and then use them incorrectly.

We have as much free speech to ban you from our site as you have to say what you want to say. Last I checked, noone here is going to jail for disagreeing, noone here is getting assainated, and noone is excercising any form of oppression.

We have the right of free speech to maintain this site. We have the right of free speech to disagree with you. And given that one's rights end where another's rights begin, then I think it's safe to say that we have the right to block you from OUR site if we so choose it.

And THAT my friend, is "what freedom is all about."

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

As my fellow blogger Songua mentioned you don't have any rights to anything here because this is not your blog. I know you have your own blog with little or no readership. Maybe you should concentrate on that. I addressed your first comments only because you made them anonymously. If I had known it was you, leftside, I would have deleted your comments immediately because you simply have zero credibility. I don't have a problem with opposing points of view but I can not let propaganda stand on our blog. When you quote "evidence" from a trial against a dissident in castroland and give that more weight than what federal prosecters proved in a court (that by the way had no Cuban Americans on it) you immediately disqualify yourself from the debate. You quote things which I have already disproven like your stats about Dominican refugees. I already sent you an email a long time ago when you alleged that Dominicans were trying to get to US from much further away than Cubans (implying that the situation in th DR is much worse than in Cuba). I showed you the reports that said they were trying to emigrate by way of the passage between the DR and Puerto Rico. But you continue to spin those interdiction stats (which don't count the number of people who actually make it or the number of people who might actually try if they were allowed).

Anyone who reads this blog regularly can read our arguments and judge them for themselves. Your "counterpoints" aren't really counterpoints, they are just a distraction from the real issues.

So if you don't like what I write and feel you need to post propaganda, do it on your on site and stop wasting my time. I assure you that any post to our comments section that credits fidel castro and his regime as a legitimate source of information will instantly be vaporized into internet oblivion.

What don't you understand about that.