Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Courage II (updated)

For many who don't know there is an insider within the prison walls of Cuba. This person who once remained anonymous with the alias "Myself", lived, breathed and saw the struggling reality that is Cuba.

Though it has been almost a year since he's come to the US, one of the greatest gifts that Myself gives to the world is the courage to show us Cuba through his very own eyes. A Cuba beyond tourism and left-winged blindness. He brings us the real Cuba, and shows us the strength of a people enduring the torment of a failed leader and ruthless dictator.

Myself has created a new website, and blog, entitled: Nuestra Cuba Libre.

I envite you to check this site out, and look at the reality of our Cuba.


Myself has also started a Blog, which you can find here.

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