Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let us pray

In Felix Varela's 2 volume work Las Cartas al Elpidio, Varela points to three sources of societies ills: Irreligiousity, Superstition, and Fanaticism.

Though this work was never completed, what remains is a golden testimony to the one who taught "Cubans to think." In this work he talks about how the greatest concepts and acts so often come to nothing because of one of these three points. castro's Cuba is an example: Religion is banned, communist fanatics terrorize their own people, and superstition takes over in the social and religious realm. Amazing how this man from the 19th century could almost predict what is going on in the island now. castro, through communism's irreligiousity, superstion and fanaticism, has sunk his own people into a nightmarish despair.

A fellow Blogger once posted on our site: Cuba forgot about God, and God forgot about Cuba.

I have not forgotten that comment because it is so true. And though I don't agree that God forgets, I've already seen how many of the people of Cuba have forgotten God and forced those who still believe to practice underground or at least tacetly.

We cannot forget about God, whoever and whatever God is to you. And as Ramon takes on this strike, and the politicians begin to talk, we must all look to God and pray for success. Even the successful Polish Solidarity movement had its roots in faith.

Thus, as we act, we must also remember to pray:

Pray for Ramon Saul Sanchez and his family.
Pray for an end to the wet/dry foot.
Pray for a peaceful transition to a free Cuba.
And most of all, pray for the strength to keep praying -even when if it looks like all is lost.


Albert Quiroga said...

This is great and something which needs to be said, repeated, over and over, ad infinitum, in these trying times. Felix Varela was very prescient, which proves he knew his people well, and was trying to send a message, hoping to keep them on the right path - but you know the saying about "a prophet in his own country..." This is a message which should be heeded in other countries and societies as well.

Let us pray indeed that the people of Cuba will, not too far down the road, banish these 3 ills from their society and culture, forever.

Songuacassal said...


Yes! I think that one of the greatest challenges we are faced as a people is finding and keeping a faith in God (whatever your religion be) that can and will over come the evil that is running Cuba.

Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, it was actually you who, awhile back, made the comment about Cuba forgetting God.