Monday, January 23, 2006

Ottawa-area man detained in Cuba after shoving match

Airfare to Cuba: $500
Hotel accomodations for 4: $2000
Massage on beach: $100
Getting groped by the masseur and then having your husband detained for coming to your defense: PRICELESS!

CBC News
Last updated Jan 23 2006 11:49 AM EST

An Ottawa-area man has been detained in Cuba after scuffling with a masseur who allegedly touched the tourist's wife inappropriately.

Police seized Clyde Carrière's passport after the masseur's ankle broke during a shoving match.
Carrière was staying at the Sol Cayo Coco hotel in Cuba with his wife, Lynne, and two children, aged five and seven.

Lynne said she was getting a massage when the masseur began touching her breast, kissing her and telling her she was beautiful. She walked out without paying.

Later, when Carrière returned to the beach, the masseur insisted on payment for the massage. A shoving match ensued and the masseur's ankle was broken.

Authorities have seized Clyde Carrière's passport, stranding him in the country.

The Canadian embassy in Cuba has said they will offer consular assistance.

Lynne and her children returned Friday to their home in Embrun, Ont.

with files from the Journal de Montréal


Jose Aguirre said...

I hope every fucking tourist that goes to Cuba runs into trouble with that totalitarian regime. It serves them right as they are directly contributing to the exploitation of 11 million enslaved Cubans.

Alfredo said...

hey I thought there was no crime in Cuba, that what it says in the travel brochures?So much for the socialist paradise! This guy is angry at this and they wonder why Cubans get mad at being imprisoned and tortured?