Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What can we learn from the Alvarez spy case?

After reading and seeing all the coverage of the Carlos and Elsa Alvarez spy case, I have come to a couple of conclusions. All of our parents and grandparents that have remained steadfast on the "hard line" against fidel and that warned us of infiltrados were absolutely right.

For the record the Spanish word infiltrar is the equivalent to the English word infiltrate. Submitted for your consideration is the definition of the word according to the American Heritage dictionary.

v. in·fil·trat·ed, in·fil·trat·ing, in·fil·trates

To pass (troops, for example) surreptitiously into enemy-held territory.
To penetrate with hostile intent: infiltrate enemy lines; terrorists that had infiltrated the country.
To enter or take up positions in gradually or surreptitiously, as for purposes of espionage or takeover: infiltrated key government agencies with spies.
There is no doubt that fidel castro considers the United States his enemy and the Cuban exile community even more so. So our "intransigent" parents and grandparents have been right all along. While we go about our daily lives, trying to live out the American dream and bring about a transition to democratic Cuba, these infiltrados go about their business trying to disrupt our efforts and trying to indoctrinate our youth.

Yet most gringos think that Cubans are like the boy the cried wolf. The liberal media today is obsessed with trying to re-write history to show that the United States was never really threatened by communism, that instead it was all a figment of some very overactive imaginations. If you don't believe me then what the hell was George Clooney's critically acclaimed movie "Good Night and Good Luck" all about? (Click here to read some FACTS about Murrow/McCarthy)

Now with the dominos falling in Latin America (Venezuela, Bolivia, etc., etc.) the wolf is at our door. Cubans have been crying wolf but he's been there all along. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a cursed woman. Her curse was that she could see the future but that nobody would believe her. Does the following passage from loggia.com sound familiar?
In one memorable example, Cassandra announced the dire consequences of the Trojans accepting the infamous Wooden Horse from their Greek opponents.
And so we Cuban-Americans are also cursed. It's time for people to wake up and see the truth that marxism is alive and well and trying its damndest to destroy America. We can only tell the truth for so long. We must believe that someone out there is listening to us.

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Jose Aguirre said...

Excellent post Conductor! Regarding the naive liberals I recall a saying my mother taught me "No hay peor ciego que el que no quiera ver"