Friday, February 03, 2006

California Blogging, Part 2

I'm in the impossibly beautiful city of San Diego. Today we went Coronado Island where we saw the landmark Hotel Del Coronado. It was used in the classic movie Some Like it Hot, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon and Marylin Monroe. Being in this almost perfect place, I think I know where the folks from Disney World get their inspiration. Tell me that the Hotel Del Coronado doesn't look a hell of a lot like the Grand Floridian at Disney World.

Hotel Del Coronado

Grand Floridian Resort, Disney World

Later we went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. No doubt that Disney planners spent a lot of time here as they got ready to open Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Here's a panda bear enjoying a lunch of bamboo chutes.

And my buddy the gorilla mugging for the camera. The gorilla is not in a glass cage. He has a very natural habitat, it just happens that he likes to sit in the shade by the window where he can get close to his adoring fans.

Well I'm off to dinner with a friend of mine from high school who lives out here. Tomorrow is moving day. We'll be on our way to Long Beach.

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