Sunday, February 19, 2006

Carl McGill for Congress!

If your tired of members of our congress cuddling up to the tyrant, fidel castro, then Carl McGill is your man. He's a Democrat running against Maxine Waters in California's 35th congressional district. Maxine is one of the many members of the Congressional Black Caucus that openly uses her power in aid of castro. McGill's web site is here. You can make a financial contribution to his campaign there as well. I already have, and I urge anyone who gets disgusted by these Black "leaders" who are either ignorant of the oppression that Cuba's Blacks are living under or don't care, to do the same.

I have designed the banner below for my web site, but you are free to use it as well.


La Ventanita said...

Democrat, black and anti-castro? Did hell freeze over?

alex said...

No it didn't. He's not a Democrat. ha has been a Republican all his life, only switched parties to go after Maxime Waters. He won't get any support from the party and has no chance.