Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tonight at 10?

Tonight, 09 Feb., the History channel will be airing a special segment of Declassified called: Castro: The Survivor.

Obviously, when I saw this commercial I nearly gaged on the title. Surely they meant: Castro's survivors, or Castro: no survivors.

Well, I was right the first time: they are calling the SOB a survivor. Now, from the clips it seemed to show how castro's manipulation of people has kept him alive. And so if they mean survivor in the same sense that a Cockaroach is a survivor, then I have no problem with this. Yet, only watching it will we know for sure.

If you want to read more on tonight's show: click here.

And if they paint fidel in any other color besides the blood red shade of ASESINO, then -after the show- please feel free to click here, then click contact us, and let the History channel know your experience of fidel's survival.

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Robert said...

Based on the looks like they're going to show the wiley, cagey old man outsmarting the U.S. and inspiring Oswald to assassinate Kennedy.