Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's day blogging.

First off I want to say happy Valentine's day to my lovely wife Ana, who I affectionately call "Snooky". Today I woke up to find the following written on my bathroom mirror in lipstick: Happy Valentine, I love You. Snooky.

I want to wish a "Feliz Santo" to Valentin Prieto of Babalublog.com.

Then I want to direct your attention to the great WSJ editorial that Val has posted. My friend Al, sent me the piece and I was about to post it but Val beat me to the punch.

And lastly I want to direct your attention to this article sent to me by A.M. Mora y Leon. It's about Santana's endorsement of marijuana, which I won't criticize. After all I went to the University of Florida, but it kind of reinforces my wife's opinion that he was high when we talked to him last Saturday. The article also mentions Santana's excitement about the election of Chile's Socialist president, Michelle Bachelet.

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Val Prieto said...

Thank you, Henry.