Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And now for a moment of zen.

It's been brought to our attention that the animated GIF above doesn't work on all browsers. If you can't see the animation, it's Che blowing his head off.

(hat tip Santiago)


The Universal Spectator said...

Is this supposed to be animated? 'Cause all I see if this motherless fuck's visage...

ziva said...

I've got the animation, nice, very nice Songuacassal.

benning said...

It runs in Avant! LOL

A bit crude, but the animation is to-the-point!

omar said...

I just discovered this "moment of zen" while enjoying my after dinner cafe cubano. Ahhh, exquisite.

vbspurs said...
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vbspurs said...

(Link redone for accuracy)

Forgive the OTness of this reply, Henry, but a reader, Benning, who I see is posting here as well, appraised me of the fact that you commented on the Castro-is-dead rumours, today.

I have written an extensive post about the topic, which perhaps your readers may enjoy:

What Will Happen When Castro Dies

A look at how the possible aftermath of you know who's death, might resemble.