Saturday, March 18, 2006

Carville on Cuba

I was listening to XM satellite radio today as I often do. One of my favorite channels is 175 "Home Plate" it's where they talk baseball 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. Anyway James Carville, the political consultant and former political advisor to President Clinton, also known as the "Ragin' Cajun" was being interviewed on Home Plate and he discussed, among other things, Cuba and the World Baseball Classic.

I was expecting the worst, like an attack on the US foreign policy toward Cuba or something of that nature. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his thoughts.

Carville believes that once Castro is gone that it won't be long at all before there is a major league team playing in Havana. He even said the Tampa Bay Devil Rays might become the Havana Devil Rays. The host challenged him on his assertion that MLB could expand to Cuba and Carville reiterated that with Castro out of the way that there would not be any reason why Cuba could not support a team. He continued saying that Cuba's "antiquated" form of government could not last after the demise of Castro and the changes in Cuba will be "blindingly fast." He mentioned that Cuba would be a great place for foreign expansion of MLB because of its proximity to the US, the amount of talent on the island and the Cuban love of the game.

It seems that Carville may be a little wiser than I give him credit for. Of course he married a smart cookie.


Songuacassal said...

they talk baseball 24 hrs a day 365 days a year

¡COÑO que rico! XM Radio is starting to sound REALLY tempting...

La Ventanita said...

One problem though, local law may not allow it. The expos tried to go to PR before landing as the Washington Nationals. It turns out that although the fans wanted them, the local law surrouding the winter league doesn't allow the MLB team - which is sad b/c I believe PR would be a profitable venue for an MLB team.

Hopefully, the Cuban league doesn't have the same laws.

In any case, as you, Carville's comments take me by surprise. Isn't he married to a Republican? Maybe its rubbing off

benning said...

And he gives away Tampa's team? Sounds like a typical Leftist to me. Still! I remain in loathe with Carville.