Friday, March 17, 2006

Just to be fair...

Back in January I sent Chicago Tribune writer, Gary Marx, an angry email about an article he wrote about Cuba. I published my note to him on this blog along with a link to that story. Today I awoke to find out that several of Cuban-American blogging colleagues had posted links to a new Marx article that appeared in the Trib today. It's a great read and finally somebody in the MSM has taken on the job of telling the story of the state-sponsored mobs that are intimidating the peaceful opposition in Cuba.

So today I sent Mr. Marx this note:

Dear Mr. Marx,

A while back I sent you an angry letter about an article you wrote about a museum guide in Cuba. In that article you quoted the man, and his propaganda talking points extensively, with no balance of perspective for the reader to determine the truth. Today I am writing to congratulate you on the piece that is in today's Tribune. I am glad that you decided to expose the acts of repudiation and human rights situation to your readership even though this is not a new story.

Again thank you for the fair treatment and keep it up. Although I suspect you won't be welcome in Cuba for very much longer if you do. Then maybe you can write an article about how that went down.

Henry L. Gomez

Mr. Marx was kind enough to respond:
Thanks Henry for reading my story and commenting. For good or bad, I always like to hear what readers are thinking.


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