Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Though my favorite sport to watch is baseball, I was never any good at playing it. When it comes to participating, my favorite sport is football. 11 years ago, divorced and unemployed, I received a call from a friend, Jose, who had an opportunity for me. An acquaintance of his from California was starting a national 4-on-4 flag football league and they needed a site manager or commissioner for Miami.

I had never played or seen 4-on-4 before but I took the opportunity. That first season I oversaw a league 48 teams playing in 4 different skill levels. The games were played at my alma mater, Belen Jesuit Prep. School. After one season I was looking to move on so I turned the management of the league over to another entity.

No longer responsible for managing the league, I fielded a team with a group of friends. Our first dilemma was what to call the team. My friend, Albert came up with the winner. If there's 3 things a football team shouldn't be it's slow, white and Cuban but that's what we were (and we're much slower today) so we named the team Slow White Cubans. Below is our uniform design which was created by my colleague and friend Alejandro.

Everybody that sees me in my uniform shirt on the street gets a kick out it. Some people don't get it. They think that I'm suggesting that we should slow [down] white Cubans. As if slow white Cubans was a pandemic like bird flu. Stop AIDS! Slow White Cubans!

Well this year we got a new QB and we started off the season pathetically with a 1-4 record. Last night we capped off the regular season by going 4-1 in our last 5 games and finishing in the middle of the pack at 5-5 in the "Armchair QB" division. Playoffs start in two weeks!

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