Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quick Quiz

Q: What is the world's largest democracy?

A: India

India isn't top of mind for most people but it's true that India is the world's largest democracy. With a huge population of English speakers, India is becoming an economic powerhouse but it's often overlooked because of the growth of the Chinese economy. We shouldn't be scared of competition, we should welcome it. We can't expect the most populous countries in the world to forever be locked into a 3rd world subsistence. As these countries grow economically so will their desire to consume goods and services. It's these goods and services of the future that we need to worry about developing, not protecting obsolete overpaying manufacturing jobs of yesteryear. ABC news did an interesting report about India. Yes many jobs are being outsourced but did you know that US exports to India have doubled. That's what the economists mean when they talk about a global economy.

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