Monday, March 13, 2006

Voices of freedom Won't be silenced!

Cuban exiles have once again shown their determination to get their message out there and more importantly to the people of Cuba. An enterprising group came to today's game between Cuba and the Dominican Republic wearing t-shirts to send that message. Each shirt sported one letter. Together they spelled out "Abajo Fidel". Of course they were escorted from the stadium but not before ESPN had to acknowledge what was happening. The Cuban players are fully aware of what happened. Let's see what fidel's minions do now by way of protesting the game, which incidentally they are getting their ass kicked in.

UPDATE: Apparently there was also a plane flying over the stadium with an anti-castro banner. It seems that after complaints from MLB to the authorities the plane was grounded. So I guess MLB (and by extension, fidel himself) even has control of free airspace

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