Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another fair review from the MSM

The Washington Post has published what I consider to be a very fair review of the The Lost City, something that we've seen has been been very rare over the last few weeks. The sarcasm in the piece speaks volumes.

The money quote is right at the top. Emphasis mine.

Nobody remembers pre-revolutionary Havana more clearly than those of us who weren't there. We remember the whores, the gangsters, the dirty movie palace, the spies, the strippers and Havana's Shanghai Theater (actual magazine line: "A Cuban Has Cracked the G-String Barrier.") After all, we all saw "Godfather II" or read Graham Greene's "Our Man in Havana."

But Cubans remember it differently. They remember an elegant Spanish city of grand architecture, crashing surf against the sea wall at the Malecon, the palm trees, the broad boulevards, the pulsating music -- and the families, their own and others, that formed a dense interrelationship of love and rivalry and angst and fear and pity.
And then this:
The big news in the movie will be Garcia's portrait of the young, ruthless, movie-star handsome Che Guevara (Jsu Garcia), so beloved by the American (and world) left. They should know; after all, they saw "The Motorcycle Diaries."
I wonder how Stephen Hunter, the article's author, snuck this piece by his editor. Very un-Post-like indeed.

H/T: Chachi Novellas

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