Friday, May 19, 2006

Live Convention Blogging

OK, folks it's Cuba Nostalgia weekend so I invite everyone to go to for live blogging from the floor of the convention center. I won't be posting here, but instead will join Val, Amanda, George, Ziva, and the other Babalusians. Look for plenty of real-time features about what this year's show has to offer plus personal stories. I went to the convention center last night for the sponsor party and I can tell you that there is some great artwork for sale. If you stop by the Babalu booth and ask nicely, Val might give you one his Babalu private label cigars. The cigar bands are awesome and I believe we have to thank CB for that.

My first shift at the show begins tonight at 7:00 PM. See you then!


songuacassal said...

GREAT!!!!!! Wishing you all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

AmandaDufau said...

We hope you can come next year, Songua. =)