Thursday, May 04, 2006

A strange thing happened... me on the way home from Boston. As I mentioned on a recent post at Babalu I'm currently reading Castro's Final Hour by Andres Oppenheimer. The book has fidel's ugly mug on the cover. Anyway when I was boarding the plane I noticed the coffee maker in the forward galley was leaking water on the floor. I had the bulkhead seat immediately behind the galley and the water was pooling in the area I was going to be resting my feet during the flight. I notified the stewardess and she cut of the water to coffee maker. They fixed the problem but the area in front of my seat was soaked. During the flight I put the book on my lap and began working on my laptop. At some point the book slipped out from under the computer and fell face down on the wet carpet. I picked the book up and the front cover was soaked and dirty. I was in the unenviable position of wiping the wet muck from fidel's face. I thought about the irony that I would never lift a finger to help this evil man and here I am wiping like a mom does for snotty kid.


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