Sunday, July 16, 2006

An alternative to CAFC 2

CB and KC at the KillCastro Blog have some suggestions to hasten the transition to free Cuba. While I'm not sure that I agree with all of their ideas they sure are interesting to consider. You have to hand it to them for being creative. Here's their six-point plan:

1- Remove the dry-foot wet-foot, unconditionally.

2- Close all the travel agencies that are kasstro fronts in the USA, and allow American carriers to do the travel to Cuba at a normal price instead of the leonine prices set by kasstro.

3- All Cubans should be free to visit Cuba if they choose to do so for direct contact with their friends, immediate families and other relatives, given them cash and goods in their hands, which will produce a line of support to the Cuban people and the dissidents without giving kasstro a lifeline, and giving Cubans a glimpse of the values of democracy and free market, first hand. By the same token, inundate Cuba with Americans whose activities and movement the government of Cuba won't have the power to control. Let kasstro reject them. We don't need to be the bad guy, the bad guy's in power in Cuba. Let his police touch a hair from an American citizen and that would be it!

4- Offer Cubans from Cuba a visa for two weeks to visit the States under the responsibility of their families, who will be fined if visas are overstayed. If kasstro doesn't allow you to travel, you are ellegible for asylum in the States. By the same token, ban every Cuban who is a member of the repressive forces, armed forces, Communist party, intelligence community, from ever entering the United States. Keep the Cuban Adjustment act in place for people who need to escape Cuba.

5- In a humanitarian gesture: "All Cubans may come to the USIS with a prescription that can not be filled in Kuban pharmacies and we will give you the medicine for FREE"

6- Establish an American hospital, photo service, and notary public in the premises of the American the American interest section to prevent the abuses that Cubans have to suffer at the hands of kasstro while applying for the travel documents to the USA, thus eliminating the source of cash that these services represent for kasstro.

All we need to do is to do what kasstro doesn't want us to do. He certainly cringes at the idea of Cubans traveling freely to and from Cuba. He cringes at the idea of Americans going to Cuba to visit Cuba, staying at their houses instead of hotels(that should be encouraged) and giving Cuban laptops, American based cellphones, cameras, I-Pods, books, and money who makes them independent from the regime. The regime is weak enough now that they would not be able to resist such an influx of information, influences, and independently controlled money."
Read the rest of their post here.

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