Thursday, July 20, 2006

Amnesty International takes on Big Internet

It's about time.

Amnesty: Web Companies Violating Rights
Jul 20 10:32 AM US/Eastern

AP Business Writer


Amnesty International accused Yahoo, Microsoft and Google on Thursday of violating human rights principles by cooperating with China's efforts to censor the Web and called on them to lobby for the release of jailed cyber-dissidents.

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ziva said...

Wow, it is about time. Did you catch their statement about having an overall postive effect on average Chinese lives? They probably have free healthcare as well.

benning said...

And yet, the overall thrust is similar to the blackmailing done by Rev. Jesse Jackson. You are doing a great evil. Now, you pressure your new friends to change or we will hurt you.

I don't trust Amnesty International. They remain quite selective about their outrage.

I'm sure the Chinese have free heath care. But the families are required to pay for the bullets of the executed.