Sunday, July 30, 2006

Che Guevara: Anatomy of a myth

Tonight I watched the documentary Guevara: Anatomía de un Mito. I had seen parts of it online but tonight I got to see the whole thing. If you are not familiar with me or my web site then I urge you to read it. The purpose is to expose the truth about Che Guevara. In a very condensed way here are the facts about Che Guevara.

  • Guevara was a stalinist.
  • Guevara was a cold blooded killer that believed in the power of highly publicized political executions.
  • Guevara was blundering military commander and not the genius he's been built up to have been.
  • Guevara was a failure as a bureaucrat.
  • Guevara was rude and full of contempt for Cubans.
  • Guevara was submissive to fidel castro.
  • Guevara was a racist.
  • Guevara was known for not bathing and always stank.
Now the interesting thing to note is that everything I say above is verified in the film almost exclusively by people that fought side by side with Guevara, people that were sympathetic to the revolution. These people that speak in the film were not batistianos. Far from it. They were revolutionaries that were shocked by Guevara and his tactics. I wish all the Che apologists would understand this very simple fact. Everyone I have talked to (or whose accounts I have read) that met the man coincide with one or more of the above points.

Facts is facts.

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