Sunday, July 30, 2006

The way to a free Cuba...

Is through passive resistance. At least that's what several activist groups are counting on. It's really quite simple. We need to encourage this campaign of non-cooperation with the dictatorship.

Below are some signs that contain the mottos of the campaign. These are the mottos that we should be encouraging Cubans on the island to live by.

I don't follow (literally following the communist party and its organs)

I don't repress.

I don't attend (speeches and official events of the government).

I don't snitch (on my neighbors for opposing the government).

I don't cooperate (with the government, perhaps even stiking).

I don't repudiate (in Cuba, opposition members are often attacked by government sanctioned mobs in so called acts of repudiation).

When you think about it, this is really the only way Castro's reign will end before he dies. We can't wait for a U.S. invasion or for the hypocritical European countries to join the U.S. in trying to isolate the regime. If a significant segment of the population begins resisting in these 6 basic ways the government will lose control and the resistance will snowball. But the biggest barrier to making this vision come true is lack of information on the island. People in Cuba know there are political prisoners but they don't know their names like we do outside. They don't know enough about them to rally around them. So we need to let people in Cuba know that their only hope is to resist the regime.

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