Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Citgo to stop gas sales to many U.S. stations

This AP story explains that Venezuelan-owned Citgo will be cutting off sales of gasoline to some 1,800 U.S. gas stations.

What does this mean?

Not much really. Gasoline is a fungible commodity and Citgo station owners, who are independent businessmen, are not required to sell Citgo gas at their stations. In fact many times when you fill up at one station, the gas you are buying could have come from another company.

Citgo stations will continue to operate as usual only the gas may be coming from Shell, or Exxon, etc.


Orlando said...

Oh, my god. But they have helped us so much! Bush must be behind this, anything to subvert Hugo's plan of helping America's poor.

beckie said...

I buy most of my gas from Citgo here in Maryland because their prices have been lower than EXXON, MOBIL, SHELL & some others. For me it's either Citgo or at the local WAWA.

I don't think GWB is behind this. Mr. Communist Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's President (or should I say dictator) is. It's no secret he & INFidel are in cohoots and will do anything to bring the US down because these two, godless, evil men despise us.

I appreciate this bit of news, as I have passed it on to others.