Tuesday, July 18, 2006

fidel's hair-brained schemes

The other day, Cuban-Australian author Luis M. Garcia wrote a post his blog about growing up in Cuba always waiting for one of fidel's ideas to actually work. And it's true. No other man has failed so much as fidel castro. You'll get a chuckle out of this NPR audio report from four years ago about the cloning of legendary Cuban dairy cow, Ubre Blanca (white udder) and fidel's cockamamie idea of urban mini-cows.

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Charlie Bravo said...

I actually met a scientis who was sent to jail because when kasstro was lying down the guidelines for the clonation of a minicow (yes, he has to do that, like a Dr. No of sorts, that's why I also call him Dr. Moreau -remember the movie?).
Well, now you're asking yourself why was he sent to jail... He dared to interrupt kasstro and said: Comandante, ya la minivaca esta inventada! Se llama CHIVA!
(Commander, the minicow has been invented already, it's called GOAT!)
The poor soul spent one month in jail, and met me in an "reeducation program" where we both laid bricks for a good year.